Jennifer J. Carroll, PhD, MPH, is a medical anthropologist studying cultures of drug use and related public health interventions. She is currently a consultant working on overdose prevention at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Medicine the Alpert Medical School at Brown University.

Dr. Carroll’s dissertation, entitled ‘Choosing Methadone: Managing Addiction and the Body Politic in Ukraine’, is an ethnographic study of internationally-funded treatment programs for opioid use disorder in Ukraine. Her forthcoming book, based on this research, explores the impact of drug use and drug users on the ongoing geopolitical conflict in this region.

Her most recent project investigates the marginalization of drug users from health care services and regulatory consumer protections, which amplifies the fentanyl-fueled opiate overdose crisis in New England.

Dr. Carroll is also an avid photographer. Her work has been exhibited at the Ukrainian Institute of America in New York City and has appeared in numerous publications. A gallery of her photos from the 2014 EuroMaidan Revolution in Ukraine can be viewed here.

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