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Select Publications

2018. Jennifer J. Carroll, Josiah D. Rich, and Traci C. Green. “Reducing Collateral Damage in Response to the Opioid Crisis.” American Journal of Public Health. 108(3): 349-350.

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(^Читати цю статтю україньскою)

2016. “Writing Grief: Writing and Bereavement in Ethnographic Texts.” Published online in Medicine, Anthropology, Theory. May 30.

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Policy Briefs

2013. “Barriers to Treatment Adherence in Ukrainian Tuberculoses Control Programs.” IREX: Scholar Research Brief. 


Public Writing / Mass Media

2016. “The Bright Future Without You.” in Anthropology News. January 14

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2014 “From the Streets of Kyiv: ‘We are Definitely Going Somewhere'” Invited guest post on the University of Washington Ellison Center weblog. Posted Feb 20. 

2014. “2013 Balance of Payments Surplus Will Quickly Disappear.” The Kyiv Post. February 6.

2014  “People in the Streets, Bodies in the Snow: Bringing the Stakes of EuroMaidan into Focus.” Invited guest post on the University of Washington Ellison Center weblog. Posted January 30. 

2013. “Listening to Addicts, HIV, and TB Patients in Ukraine.” Invited guest post on the International Research Exchange Board (IREX) weblog. Posted July 23, 2013.

2013. “My Best-Worst Day in Ukraine.” REECAS Newsletter, Winter 2013. 

2012. “Lessons Learned and Unlearned.” Invited guest post on the Feministe weblog. Posted Jan 13, 2012. 


Book Reviews

2015. Review of Michelle A. Parsons’ Dying Unneeded: The Cultural Context of the Russian Mortality Crisis. (Vanderbilt University Press, 2014). H-Net H-Socialisms Community. 

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